meyer lemons on the menu (again)

its that time of year again: the time when i steal 90% of the meyer lemons from the tree and piss my mother off. (theres no way she could have used them all).

once again the tree pumped out another plentiful crop of picturesque lemons. it amazes me how perfect-looking they are. most backyard fruit is drastically flawed – massive, mutant, black specked and hideous. not in my back yard. these things are pristine. this is not because my family has green fingers – its because we are lucky. last year the lemons were going into “perfect” lemon tarts. this year they have been upgraded to sweet AND savory dishes.

on the savory side – meyer lemon aioli, an accompaniment for deep fried smelt and salt cod brandade. every fully realized dish needs an acid component and this is especially true for super rich fried foods. a little hit of lemon in the aioli balances it all out quite nicely.

the pastry ladies whipped up a lemon curd which was then folded into whipped cream. i’m not sure why i’ve never done this myself before – its extremely easy and delicious. this delightful whipped cream was dolloped onto a slice of super moist and crunchy polenta cake and garnished with lemon zest and lavender.


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