a clean slate

a few weeks ago was my one year anniversary of farm agricole. what i have learned in the past year has been invaluable. i’m excitedly looking forward to the coming year. i’m hoping to do a few things differently. my main priority is to farm smarter and work less. i’ve decided to grow fewer types of vegetables at a time to cut down on labor and to have larger individual harvests that will be of more value to the restaurant. this means two distinct plantings: one in fall and one in spring. i also plan to source my seeds from smaller companies so that i can grow some unique varities that are not available from our current suppliers.

the changes start now! i took a trip to petaluma, had a lovely lunch at the della fattoria cafe, and then bought some seed from the baker creek seed store (called the petaluma seed bank). baker creek is an all heirloom seed company started in 1998 by then 17 year old Jere Gettle. they incredibly have 1400 varieties available online and at a few brick and mortar stores in mannsfield missouri, petaluma california, and most recently wethersfield connecticut. i got some really interesting stuff – purple fava beans and blue peas to name a few. i’m looking forward to seeing how they do.

in the middle of october i started my fall/winter veggies. i stripped everything out of the garden, prepped the beds, and planted two different varieties of fava beans in five beds and four different varieties of peas in four beds. it was a lot of work. i wish i’d had a helper.

it looks so tidy. come springtime 2012 i should have an abundance of legumes to supply the restaurant. i then plan to plant all my summer crops. let the selecting begin…


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