tomatoes NOT on the menu

ok fine i give up. my tomatoes just aren’t good enough. bar ag has a standing order set up with heart arrow ranch (aka mendocino organics) for about 100lbs a week. my measly 20lbs just aren’t gonna cut it. their biodynamic tomatoes are unbelievably amazing. mine are just plain old amazing. oh well.

started from seed

in the ground

first ripe

so what to do with all these tomatoes? short answer: eat them. i planted mostly cherry tomatoes (sun gold and washington cherry) that are intensely sweet and flavorful. they make amazing sauce and soup – its just a little more work to deal with lots of tiny tomatoes instead of big juicy ones. i think its worth the extra effort.

about a month ago i decided to harvest all the ripe tomatoes i could find and can them to use in the coming (tomatoless) year. this was the first time i’ve canned something other than jam or marmalade and i think it went pretty well.

the harvest





at the end of the day we “put up” three and a half gallons of tomatoes. should last a while.


i went on a two week vacation in the middle of september which coincided perfectly with the ripening of my large heirloom tomatoes (moskvitch and cherokee purple). when i got home i had to compost 80% of these tomatoes that were rotting on the vine. heartbreaking. the few that are ripening now are going in lots of sandwiches and caprese salads.

in the compost pile


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