beets on the menu

some of the beds became available a little too late for summer veggie planting so i decided to plant some beets. beets are one of those easy to grow veggies that don’t seem to mind when they are planted – just as long as its warm enough to germinate. they grew nicely except the leaves were quite raggedy – i’m sure due to the heat of summer. the bulbs, however are delicious.

the seeds i had were a blend of red beets, chioggia, and golden. the red and chioggia varieties germinated and grew very quickly and the goldens barely grew at all. i’ve only had one or two goldens out of the whole lot which is a shame as they are my favorite.

the beets have attracted a visitor – my new best friend: garrett the gopher. he munched on a few fennel roots leading to the death of the plant but he really gets excited about the beets. he manages to pull the whole thing below ground leaving a few inches of leaves poking out of a huge hole. i’m not sure how many he’s gotten at this point but there are only about ten beets left in the ground – soon to be eaten by me. i think it might be a tough winter for garrett, especially because i just got my gopher trap in the mail…..

over the weeks i’ve taken about 16lbs of beets into the restaurant and they have all been used in a dish that has been on the menu for a few months now. most menu items only last a day or two. it is simple and light and a real crowd pleaser.

roasted and sliced beets on rye bread with horseradish cream cheese, garnished with watercress dressed in a simpleĀ vinaigrette.


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