summer squash NOT on the menu

my bed of squash has done very well this season. it pumps out a couple of pounds of squash every week which is more than enough for me and my parents but not gonna cut it for the restaurant. they buy 50lbs+ of squash at a time. i would need three whole beds of squash planted to produce that much for a single harvest (and i have 9 beds total). the other problem is that i only go to the garden once a week and the plants should be checked out almost daily to ensure harvest at optimal size. i often go and find massive squash that nobody would want to buy. i’ll probably skip planting squash next season but they’ve been nice to have around. i’ve shaved them raw into salads, made squash fritters, soup, “zucchini” bread, sauteed them with other veggies and had them with eggs for breakfast, but more than anything else: grilled them on the BBQ. yum!

a few weeks ago i noticed some powdery mildew on the plants. i tried to take out some of the most effected plants and sprayed with a baking soda and water solution but things just got worse. the plants as a whole are now almost totally covered and appear to be close to death. still pumping out squash though!


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