green garlic, arugula, kale, and peas on the menu

sometimes its hard to keep track of where the food i grow ends up. i’ll come in to the restaurant before my shift with some vegetables and on a busy night can lose track of time and miss the chance to snap a picture. i’ve also brought veggies in then had the next day or so off and missed the dishes. it can be frustrating but i’m getting better at it. here are some of the veggies i lost track of:

green garlic

the garlic was planted in november and harvested in march. they were beautiful! unfortunately, i have no idea where they ended up on the menu. the garlic i used as seed was from the grocery store so it ended up being the least cost effective crop i’ve grown so far. i won’t grow it again unless i can get a good deal on seed garlic. anyone?


i thought the arugula was a disaster because it immediately went to seed without producing many leaves but they ended up being delicious! after i harvested lots of tasty flowers i picked out all the plants and harvested the leaves. i ended up with about a pound. not too shabby. the flowers ended up in a spring soup. i have no idea what else is in the soup though!


the kale grew mostly in the shadow of the fava beans due to poor crop planning. when planting i didn’t think ahead to the favas growing to be eight feet tall and casting a huge shadow. the kale still managed to grow though. it can basically grow anywhere. when the favas came out the kale got some sun and bulked up a bit but was still quite pathetic looking. it had a great taste though – maybe theres a market out there for shade grown kale…


the peas were absolutely delicious. i’m sad i missed their final destination. there is a tiny window when the peas are a good size but still sweet and tender enough to eat straight from the pod. left too long and they get tough, bitter, and starchy. i managed to get most of my cop in this magical window and took several pounds in to the restaurant. this coming fall i’m planning on planting some climbing varieties and growing over winter (last season i only did bush varieties in the spring).

i think thats everything that i’ve taken in to the restaurant this year and not accounted for. hopefully it won’t happen again!


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